Funk that! It’s July!

Man, we’re in the dead heat of July. Do you know that:

  • During this month, in Death Valley, your shoes will actually melt to the pavement.
  • Also in July in Death Valley – you can hold bread in the air for 10 minutes and it will be toasted. I love toast!
  • Also in July, but NOT in Death Valley – this is the time of year when my Grandma Eldridge  (always tanned to a perfect golden brown and decked out in the skimpiest shorts a woman of 90+ could ever get away with ) always proclaims, “well – we’re past the 4th  of July – summer’s almost over”.

To which I must answer with a resounding “FUNK that! Lady, it’s July in the Midwest – this month NEVER ENDS!”

Summer, for me, means so many things: time to exhale, being outside from sunrise to sunset, listening for cicadas, good food, good company, and ENDLESS FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT. One hot summer, a long time back, the Eldridge clan went to go see the Temptations. My Aunt Ann (who is famous/infamous for being the life of party and laughing loudest at her own jokes) covered Temptations songs the entire way back to the family van – I can’t be sure exactly what happened (I was only about 5 or 6), but the way I remember it, other people started to join along – everyone felt the confidence to join my Aunt Ann’s Motown Choir…she was just that inspirational…(until she fired them!)  and by the end, throngs of people were swaying to “My Girl” on the way into their cars. There was enough heart and soul in that parking lot to make the Temptations themselves start the snap-n-sway.  So when I think of summer, I think of blacktop that melts your shoes fast enough that you need to keep your feet moving fast, Grandma Max’s short shorts, my Aunt Ann’s joyful motown singing, and funky, funky beats.

Soon enough I’ll be living in NYC without air conditioning  OR ventilation that passes code – and when that time comes, instead of moping inside in front of my Vornado, I hope to run out on the street and yell…”Yo, I say we dance it out!” (like my little sister would).   If I have HALF the energy my Aunt Ann did that summer after the Temptations, I’ll be ready for dancin’ in the streets. Man – it’s July. It is hot. And there’s nothing we can do about it. So let’s just dance it out. Cheers to July and Happy Birthday to my Aunt Ann and Baby Kate – two very funky sista’s!


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